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Navy Housing Service Centers (HSCs) are available to help you and your family during every step of your relocation and Permanent Change of Station (PCS). The HSC staff at your current duty station can assist with ending your lease, understanding the moving out process and connecting you with the HSC at your next duty station. The HSC staff at your new duty station can provide invaluable information about the housing options available, including community housing, military and privatized housing as well as available housing for unaccompanied service members.

The HSC staff will assist you with the application process if you choose to live in military or privatized housing. They can explain the wait list and what benefits and housing you are eligible for. If you plan to live in the community, the HSC keeps listings of homes and many participate in the Rental  artnership Program (RPP). The RPP offers homes with cost savings to service members through reduced or no security deposit and discounted rent
— all without credit checks or income requirements above your basic allowance for housing (BAH).

Whether you are moving OCONUS and need extra help planning your move and finding housing overseas or are just looking to move within your community, the Navy HSC offers home finding services to assist you in finding suitable, affordable and safe housing. Find your local Housing Service Center or find out what services are offered through Navy Housing online.

If you and your family are moving overseas, you must obtain passports before departing the United States. A visa issued by the host country may also be required. For more information visit

Family Connections Newsletter May 2013

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