Start the Housing Search Early to Enjoy Your Summer

By N9 Housing

Summer is nearly here and Navy households all over the world are beginning to plan their summer moves. Along with swimming pools and summer vacations, a good portion of Sailors and their families are thinking about boxes, leases and moving trucks. If you are expecting a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) this year, questions about your future living arrangements have probably been on your mind.

There is a lot of research that goes into moving your family. In the Navy, Sailors have the added stress of knowing that a PCS is coming, but might not know where they’ll be headed until the day they receive orders. This often leaves them and their families scrambling to find housing and get their move planned over the precious summer months.

Everyone has unique housing needs and wants, and depending on where you are moving to, your options may range from very limited to totally overwhelming. Housing decisions impact so much of a family’s quality of life – where your kids will go to school, how long your commute will be, and whether or not it will strain family finances. That’s a lot to consider, and the earlier you can compare what you need with what you can afford, the sooner you can start making decisions. Families need adequate time to research long before orders are in hand, and Navy Housing is here to help.
The professional staff at the Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) is available, for free, to every Sailor and their family, no matter where you live, no matter when you might be moving and whether you have orders or not. Our HSC staffs are local experts and have details about the neighborhoods, the cost of living, and all of the amenities their community has to offer.

If you know you are moving this summer, even if you don’t have orders, here is a checklist of things you can do now to kick off your housing search:
Contact your local HSC for help with terminating your current lease with your landlord or, if you own your home, explore pros and cons of selling or renting.

Use Navy Housing’s Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT) to gather information about the areas you might be moving to and to get your application for on-base housing started if desired.

Visit Navy Housing’s Pinterest and YouTube pages for photos, floor plans and video tours of housing.

Leverage Military OneSource, Facebook, Twitter, and the large online network of professionals, service members, and spouses who have been there before and are willing to give advice and answer all of your moving questions.

If you’ve had a child, gotten married, or other family changes, now is the best time to make sure all of your information is up-to-date in DEERS. Your DEERS record is key to getting the right housing entitlements and services, and an accurate record before your move will ensure you receive the right services the moment you arrive.

We know that “hurry up and wait” is often part of moving with the Navy, and some of that can’t be avoided. But Navy Housing is available when you’re ready to get started on your home search, even if that’s before you have orders, so you can spend less of your summer planning your move and more time actually enjoying your summer.


CNIC Shoreline June 2013

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