Updating Your DEERS Information

When was the last time you verified and updated your or your dependent’s Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) information? Taking a few minutes now to update your profile might save you hours at your next duty station. There is a lot of important information about you and your family stored in DEERS:

  • Personal – Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Sex, Marital Status
  • Personnel – Organization, Pay Grade, Occupation
  • Service-Related – Service, Unit Identification Code
  • Benefits – Eligibility Status Including Medical, Dental and Montgomery GI Bill Education Benefits
  • Geographic – State, Zip Code, Address

Your DEERS record is important for a variety of things, and it can impact your housing eligibility. The Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) verifies your housing eligibility and determines what you qualify for through DEERS. If your DEERS record isn’t accurate, you might not qualify for the house you need. Also, the Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT) pulls information from DEERS to make it easier to complete your housing application.

Remember, you must update the military Sponsor and each eligible family member’s records separately. You can do this when logged in as the Sponsor.

If you want to learn more about DEERS, including what information is stored and how to make updates, check out MilConnect’s FAQs. You can also visit the Navy Personnel Command Pay and Personnel Support website.

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