Moving Out of the Barracks: Single and Living in the Community

You loved living in the barracks, late night video game marathons and staying up and talking with the Sailors around you. But, now you are ready. You have started to become the cranky old-timer in the barracks.  You want to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and not have to stare at someone else’s socks in the hallway. You’ve finally made it-you have all of your paperwork ready. You can move out into the community.

8 Navy Preparing the rack

For most unaccompanied Sailors, this is the first experience of getting to make all of the decisions on where you live. There is a lot of information out there and even more that you need to know. The Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) is available to unaccompanied service members who live (or want to live) in the community. The staff will counsel you on your options and your responsibilities.


This counseling session might include discussing:


  • Moving expenses, including security deposits and application fees
  • BAH vs. actual rent
  • Utilities and bills

332 House for Rent

Finding the Right Home:

  • Location to the base
  • Safety and security of the neighborhood
  • Closeness to community amenities


  • Who pays what?
  • What happens if one of your roommates gets deployed or receives orders?
  • What happens if you get deployed or receive orders?
  • Who will be on the lease

Most unaccompanied service members will probably live with roommates the first time they move out of the barracks. Some HSCs offer roommate finder services if you don’t have roommates in mind. The HSC staff can walk you through the steps of finding off-base housing. You can also contact the HSC to look at rental listings in the area to see what is available.

Good luck moving off-base! Don’t forget the HSC is available even after you move into the community.

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