Navy Housing and Same-Sex Spouses

For both military families and the Navy Housing Service Centers (HSC) worldwide, June marks the beginning of PCS season. Thousands of service members have received their orders for a Permanent Change of Station. Military families begin to weigh their options for housing. Should they look for some place to rent in the community, does it make financial sense to purchase a home or should they consider the convenience of living on or near the installation in privatized housing? If your family includes a same-sex spouse, housing eligibility can be not only a new experience, but maybe even a little daunting.

Per guidance from the Navy and the Secretary of Defense, same-sex spouses are afforded the same benefits available to all spouses of military members. This includes Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), TriCare and Married Dual-Military Co-location. Military personnel with one or more dependents (dependents include same-sex spouses) are generally eligible for military family housing. Military family housing includes both government-owned and privatized housing.

Most military family housing in the United States is privatized.  Privatized housing is managed by a private sector management company. This approach provides a professional property management staff to respond to day-to-day maintenance and operations, while teaming with the Navy HSC staff to provide Service member advocacy services and support. Both the Navy HSC staff and the privatized housing property management team are available to all service members to walk them through their housing eligibility. Contact information for all the Navy HSCs can be found online –

You can find specific information about housing eligibility and wait lists on the Navy Housing Website. Whether you are ready to apply for on base housing or you are just exploring your options, you can use HEAT – the Housing Early Application Tool – to begin the home finding process.

If you or your spouse receives orders to an OCONUS area, there are additional factors in play that will determine if same-sex spouses will be able to accompany Service members on overseas tours. Contact your Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) for more information about your specific orders.

The mission of Navy Housing is to assist Service members, both unaccompanied and those with families, with finding suitable, affordable and safe housing wherever they live around the world.


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