Benefits of Living in Privatized Housing

Whether you are getting ready to PCS or just coming to the end of your lease, you and your family will probably discuss the pros and cons of living in military housing on base or living in community housing. While there are always a few diehards who will ONLY live on base or ONLY live in town, most military families will weigh the pros and cons at each installation.

To be able to make the best decision for you and your family, it helps to have the facts about living in base housing. At virtually every Navy installation CONUS, military family housing is privatized. There are a lot of benefits to living in privatized housing.

The ease of living close or even on base is the number one reason families decide to live in privatized housing. Living in a tight-knit military neighborhood is also high on the list of positives. Military spouses form a strong community that goes the extra mile to help new families settle in. These feelings of fitting in and shared experiences are unique to military family housing.

Living in privatized housing can also make economic sense for you and your family. The quality of housing at many installations is comparable to housing found in civilian communities. Many have garages, fireplaces and renovated kitchens and baths. There are no credit checks or deposits required. Your rent is paid in arrears, directly to the property management company by allotment. You never have to worry about forgetting to pay rent!

Your rent includes basic utilities like average electricity use, trash collection, water, sewer and common area grounds and facility care. There is no HOA fee in privatized housing! Privatized housing communities also offer many amenities; 24-hour maintenance, free events for children and families, and additional amenities like courtesy patrols, recreation centers, gyms, pools and playgrounds.

Families choosing to live in privatized housing on Navy installations are also allowed to have two pets (cats and dogs). There are certain breed restrictions however so check with your local Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) for more information about pet policies.

Find your privatized housing property manager at

To learn more about your housing options, contact your local HSC.


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