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Renter Beware

July 24, 2015

When looking for rental homes, Service members are pretty savvy customers. Most will tell you that they know to visit the neighborhood at different times of day, to look up local crime statistics and to do their research regarding school districts. However, Service members in the rental market may not know how to identify other… Read More ›

Calling All Landlords!

Throughout the Navy worldwide, Service members and their families are in the process of moving from one installation to another. Some families may be moving across the country and others around the world. Most community property managers and landlords may be surprised to know that as many as 75% of active duty Service members live… Read More ›

Housing Scams

When a Rental Listing is Too Good to be True Can you imagine trying to find a home in a distant city without the internet? There are so many of these resources now available to military families. You have a virtually endless supply of rental listing websites, local classified ads posted on a local paper’s… Read More ›

Navy Housing Service Centers Offer Rental Partnership Program

From Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs WASHINGTON (NNS) — Moving is costly, and for service members, the cost of moving to a new duty station every few years can really add up. Navy Housing’s Rental Partnership Program, better known as the RPP, helps service members and their families save money on their moving costs associated with renting… Read More ›

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